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From Success Coach Michael Kern

Special Message… There is a magic mental move you can make.
It has the ability to dramatically improve any personal or business situation

Your personal power is moved into action by Decision.

Please Read – Did you know as soon as you begin to “feel uncomfortable” you make a decision, and that the decision is usually made subconsciously, that is, without your conscious present awareness. You are conditioned to be comfortable, and this conditioning is called a paradigm. Paradigms impact our ability to earn money, impact our productivity, our relationships and even our health.

Whether it “feels right” or not, get on a call with me. Decide now you will call! – Before your comfort mechanism keeps you stuck – Michael Kern

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Success Coaching / Mentoring

Try to imagine what you could create with the help of an expert in human development. Most people have no idea of the power that is locked up inside themselves. A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability in you than you see in yourself and helps to bring it out. “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves” – Thomas A. Edison

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About Michael Kern

Michael G. Kern CADC. and began as a drug and alcohol counselor. With a passion for helping people to succeed in eliminating self-destructive patterns, he studied personal development persistently, relentlessly, indefatigably. Reading and studying all modalities that could help people to form new habits and become a success.

What many people don’t know is that Michael AKA the Mental Dieter was also the principle in an online marketing company that was teaching SEO before Google existed. A serial entrepreneur he has successfully founded several businesses.

Now he has taken his love of personal development and business and partnered with the Proctor Gallegher Institue as a consultant. Teaching and mentoring people so they can live and enjoy a lifestyle of their choosing.

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Learn how to be Successful


They do not teach you how to be a success in school. They load you up with a lot of specialized information (much of which is readily available on Google or Youtube) and then send you on your way to figure it out. It is no wonder there are so few successful people. I guide you to success showing you how to apply all the information you already have. There are literally economic professors out there that don’t know how to make money. I teach people to get rich doing what they love. Tell me what you love to do and I will tell you how you can get rich doing it.

Most successful people have a coach that keeps them sharp and developing.

My Mentorship Lineage –

Dale Carnegie is my great, great, great grand mentor. Carnegie mentored Napoleon Hill, who mentored and taught the already successful Earl Nightengale who fathered the personal development industry with Loyde Conant, who also mentored and taught my mentor Bob Proctor who has been at this now over 58 years.

I have studied all these men and their teachings, along with many other guru’s. I have used all their success teaching and principles to make a happy and successful life for myself, and I would like to help you do that too. Book your complimentary Call Here