4th Step Guide, Worksheets & Prompt Sheets

4th Step Guide, Worksheets & Prompt Sheets



a. Please read from the bottom of page 63 through page 65 in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous before beginning.

b. Be sure all columns are worked from top-bottom (not left to right).

c. All resentments should be listed in column 1 before going on to next column (column 2).

d. Pray for willingness and a open-mind, and pray for all persons concerned with your writing..


Resentment Inventory

Column 1: Resentments:

List all people, places, things, institutions, ideas or principles with which you are angry, resent, feel hurt or threatened by, perhaps something you remember occasionally that makes you feel bad?

Column 2: The Cause :

What happened? Be specific as to why you were angry.

Column 3: Affects My :

How did it make me feel? Specifically, how did it affect the seven parts of self?

Column 4: Where Was I to Blame :

Read through the second paragraph on page 67 before answering this.

What’s the truth here? Where was my responsibility in this relationship, resentment? What might I have done Instead? Where was I at fault?

Resentment WorkSheet
Column 1
Column 2
The Cause?
Column 3
Affects My?
Check all That Apply
Where am I to Blame?
What is My Part?
Self-Esteem Pride Pocket
Ambitions Personal


The Seven Parts of Self Defined:

Self Esteem – How I think of myself

Pride – How I think others view me

Pocketbook – Basic desire for money, property, possessions, etc.

Personal Relations – Our relations with other people

Ambition – Our goals, plans and designs for the future

Emotional Security – General sense of personal well being

Sex Relations – Basic drive for sexual intimacy

Fear Inventory



Fear WorkSheet
Fears: when we seen
our fears we listed them
Harm Done:
To me or others
Why do / or did we
have these fears?
What could we have
done instead


Sex Inventory


Sex Worksheet
List all names Harm Done Where were we at fault?
Whom did we hurt
What should we have done instead?

Resentment Prompt Sheet

Here is a list of; people, institutions, and principles you may find helpful while making your resentment inventory. Feel free to add to the lists if you need to.


Father (Step), Mother (Step), Sisters (Step), Brothers (Step), Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Clergy, Police, Lawyers, Judges, Doctors, Employers, Employees, Co-Workers, In-Laws, Husbands, Wives, Creditors, Childhood Friends, School Friends, Teachers, Life Long Friends, Best Friends, Acquaintances, Girl Friends, Boy Friends, Parole Officers, Probation Officers, A.A. Friends, C.A., Friends, N.A. Friends, U.S., Service Friends…


Marriage, Bible, Church, Religion, Races, Law, Authority, Government, Education System, Correctional System, Mental Health System, Philosophy, Nationality…


God-Deity, Retribution, Ten Commandments, Jesus Christ, Satan, Death, Life after Death, Heaven, Hell, Sin, Adultery, Golden Rule, Original Sin, Seven Deadly Sins…

Fear Prompt Sheet


Here is a list of fears that may be helpful with your fear inventory. Feel free to add to the lists if you would like.

Fear of God, Fear of Dying, Fear of Insanity, Fear of Insecurity, Fear of Rejection, Fear of Loneliness, Fear of Disease’s, Fear of Alcohol, Fear of Drugs, Fear of Relapse, Fear of Sex, Fear of Sin, Fear of Self-Expression, Fear of Authority, Fear of Heights, Fear of Unemployment, Fear of Employment, Fear of Parents, Fear of Losing a Wife, Fear of Losing a Husband, Fear of Losing a Child, Fear of Animals, Fear of Insects, Fear of Police, Fear of Jail, Fear of Doctor’s, Fear of Stealing, Fear of Creditors, Fear of Being Found Out, Fear of Homosexuals & Lesbians, Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, Fear of Responsibility, Fear of Physical Pain, Fear of Fear, Fear of Drowning, Fear of Men, Fear of Women, Fear of Being Alone, Fear of People, Fear of Crying, Fear of Poverty, Fear of Races, Fear of the Unknown, Fear of Abandonment, Fear of Intimacy, Fear of Disapproval, Fear of Rejection, Fear of Confrontation, Fear of Sobriety, Fear of Hospitals, Fear of Responsibility, Fear of Feelings, Fear of Getting Old, Fear of Hurting Others, Fear of Violence, Fear of Writing Inventory, Fear of Being Alive, Fear of Government, Fear of Gangs, Fear of Gossip, Fear of Wealthy People, Fear of Guns, Fear of Change…