3 Tips to Manifest Wealth Health and Love

Manifest the life you want


Understood by probably not more than one person in a million, is that we create our own reality by the vibration we are in, and are putting out. And that our vibration is determined mostly by our beliefs.. Beliefs are just subconscious habits of thought. We don’t “think”, so much as we react based on our beliefs. And 96-98 percent of all our perceptions, reactions and behaviors are subconscious, only 2-4 percent are conscious.

We have been programmed for good or bad by our observations of life and our studies. We watched from a young age, all our role models attitudes, reactions and behaviors, what they said, and what they did. Our beliefs about money, relationships and health, even our self-image were set (mindset) based on a really small sample of examples and experiences. Not exactly the “gold standard” for most of us. Our self-image and personalities were set too. But all this can be changed!

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3 Tips To Manifesting Wealth Health & Love

  1. We attract what we are not what we want, so become that which you seek.
  2. Stay in a high vibration by watching your mental diet. Fast from all negative things like a diet. Try it for a week
  3. Focus on the feeling of the wish fulfilled

Point #1

If your self image is jacked up, who do you think you will attract? A person with a jacked up self image that’s who. If you lack confidence you’ll attract insecure people. If your always behind the eight ball financially and you cant help but focus on not having enough money, then you will attract more of that.

Point #2

Most people are in a low vibration from habits of negative thinking. Example’s: Groaning or complaining with friends over the state of the county, the weather, pains, work, Monday’s, you name it. Anything that makes you feel disempowered, sad, depressed, angry, shame, or guilt, dissatisfied. Even eating to much will lower your vibration. Chasing after things make them flee away, because a feeling of lack only attracts more of the same.

Point #3

How would you feel if you had the things you wanted? Imagine you are with the partner of your dreams, you have reached financial independence, and are in the fittest body of your life… How does it feel? Likely you feel more more grateful, free, honored, joyful, confident and content. exercise your imagination and make these your mental state.


To attract what you want you must learn to not only think positively, but to disregard appearances. What’s wrong is always available, you must stop allowing your mind to dwell on what’s wrong, and focus on what’s right. create the reality you want in your imagination, in the workshop of your mind and you will see come to manifest.

Author and Results Coach Michael Kern

FREE Manifesting COACHING CALL (978) 973-6048