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I want to give you a book for free. It’s a thin book by Price Pritchett called “You²”. It’s for people ready, or getting ready to move into a higher vibration of existence. What’s that mean? It means living with a whole lot more peace and joy, free of resistance, where you attract an abundance of health, wealth and amazing relationships with ease. It also means negative people and situations dissolving and moving away from you.

This book offers a fast plan to 10X your personal effectiveness. Quickly guides you to an expanded better version of you, just with greater awareness, confidence and understanding.

It is a must for any entrepreneur’s or business persons’  library. Touted by the recently departed Bob Proctor  as one of his top 3 favorite books of all time.

  • Learn to think like a great leader who is loved by all
  • Learn to get out of your own way – and get into the flow
  • Unleash your creativeness and set higher goals with greater faith and expectancy
  • Crush old fears and learn to trust the process for maximum velocity

Can a Book Change your life, your health, and wealth? I think it can, and I give this book to all my coaching clients at any level. We are all born pretty much equal, but we don’t all develop equal. We don’t all have the same attitude towards people places and things, or towards ourselves. And if we don’t become much we won’t have, do or be much.

To get your free book rush mailed to you for free (United States Only), just text your name mailing address to my personal cell (978) 973-6048. It is a real physical book priced online anywhere from $10.-$30

Books and mentors condense years and years of hard won experience, pain, and wisdom into lessons we can use to grow fast. Their knowledge saves us decades of struggle. But not everyone will read the books, or get the coaches that help us go faster further.

Limited Time Offer!

Look, I’m doing okay, and I love to help people level up the way I was helped, but I can’t afford to give away real books and postage to everyone on the planet. So I reserve the right to cancel this offer whenever I want.

What’s The Catch?

Here’s the catch, I’m a successful mindset coach, business coach, marketer, salesman and entrepreneur. and I’m looking to expand my circle of high vibrational thinkers. I know this offer is mostly going to people who will never hire me. But, I also know it’s going to resonate with people who are looking for a success coach, mentor, or friend. And, those who want to level up fast are willing to pay for speed.

Plus… I know I cannot out give God/The universe! The more I give away, the more comes back to me, It’s the LAW!

Postage & Handling?

FREE ALSO – ZERO COST while supplies last – Watch out for cynicism, its a negative habitual vibration, and a closed mind learns nothing.

How To Get Your Free Book Before I Run Out

Just text your name and physical mailing address to my cell. I will never share your information!

QUOTE: You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want -Zig Ziglar

Text now so I can rush your free awesome book to you before I run out of them!

(978) 973-6048


I am also offering a free no obligation coaching call. Our minds have been conditioned since we were born to think a certain way, some conditioning actually comes through in our DNA. What most people don’t know is that 96-98% of all our results, perceptions and behaviors are subconscious, only 2-4% are conscious.

Most people are playing with conditions not causes, and until we change the inside (the cause) the outside (conditions) will pretty much stay the same. Like people who loose weight and then gain it back again. Until we change the subconscious programing (the inside), any great results we seek will escape us.

If you would like to learn more about mindset coaching to get better results, text my cell and we will set up a free call 978-973-6048