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I am also offering a free no obligation coaching call. Our minds have been conditioned since we were born to think a certain way, some conditioning actually comes through in our DNA. What most people don’t know is that 96-98% of all our results, perceptions and behaviors are subconscious, only 2-4% are conscious.

Most people are playing with conditions not causes, and until we change the inside (the cause) the outside (conditions) will pretty much stay the same. Like people who loose weight and then gain it back again. Until we change the subconscious programing (the inside), any great results we seek will escape us.

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Invisible Power – Secret To Success

What I am about to share with you is understood by less than one percent of the population on the planet. Once you totally get it, you will be able to write your own ticket to the good life. “What is completely invisible, is at your command, and has the power to grant your every wish?” Some people will say God, or a Genie, and they would be close, but not right! The answer is our mind.

For all the God people that continue to believe it’s God, let me say this: You do not “command” God/Source/Law. You can only work with the law, conform or yield to it. This is the proper use of the will. For those like me, who refused to go with the flow, fought the tide for so long and suffered, you get it!

The truth is most people know very little about their mind. They don’t teach us much about the mind in school, if at all. Yet everything we see in the visible world has been brought forth via our mind. As you survey all that has been created and recreated, all the things made better, and better year after year, you may think you could never do that. But not only can you do that, you should do that!

Six Higher Faculties of Mind

This post may later become the outline for a book of mine, but for now I want to give the reader a brief and fast introduction of our invisible powers. These are the six metal faculties that make up our mind. Which we may develop, and by reading this you are developing. Increased awareness is increase of mind.


Reason is our ability to think, to “play” with our mind and information.


Perception is our awareness of a thing.


Don’t even get me started on this one. What could you not improve with just a drop of this immutable power?


Our ability to focus


The life germ of learning. our ability to recall information


A knowing or sensing based on feeling or instinct, a gift of nature.

Psychological Aspects Of Mind – Mindsets & Invisible Prisons

“So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains, never even knowing we held the keys” -Eagles… Already Gone (song lyrics)

No discussion of invisible power or that of “mind” would be complete without talking about subconscious/unconscious, self image, ego, or beliefs. So buckle up buttercup because this is where we loose most people on this ride. And it is only with a thorough understanding of what I’m about to tell you, you get to write your own ticket to “the good life” as mentioned heretofore.

Our self image, level of awareness and beliefs are responsible for all our results, they are the cause of all our effects, circumstances, finances, relationships, health, everything.

Ego – Is a false sense of self most people have identified with and live their lives defending, protecting, proving right. I know better, and am writing this, but still slip back into my ego for periods of time. It takes time for most people to peal back the onion of truth, while others apparently awaken in a flash, and stay woke.

We have a mind, but we are not our mind. When Descartes (usually pronounces “day-cart”) said: “I Think Therefore I Am” he was wrong!!! As pointed out in Eckhart Tolle’s most excellent book “The Power Of Now” We are in fact consciousness prior to thought, we are the witnessing presence. My point for now, is that we are not “who” we “think” we are.

Therefore, who we think we are is only a psychological construct, and if we don’t like our results, we can change it. Our self is only an apparent self.


“Let the weak man say he is strong Joel: 3:10” (Bible quote)

We who have been living under the assumption that we are what we are, and now know that was only an “assumptive self“, Have only to assume a new and better version of ourselves. Change the construct! If you want confidence, you only need assume a confidence consciousness and you will birth it into yourself. We, by our own imagination can build a heaven here on earth.

Our attitudes toward everyone and everything come from our subconscious beliefs, and everything and everyone can only reflect back to us what we are putting out. If you don’t like what’s coming, change what’s going. And change your #mentaldiet.

Whether you believe in Science or Theology, they both agree there is one one power/one energy by which everything is created. Learn the Law, Work with it, and see for yourself. The power maybe invisible but it’s manifestations are infinite.

Michael Kern

Money Mindset, Business and Personal Development Coach

Happiness Is Not A Gift Or A Place

If happiness were a gift I would gladly gift it to you now, if it were a place I would punch the directions into your GPS with the joy that would be mine for the giving of the directions. Want to be happy? If happiness seems to big a goal right now perhaps reach up the scale for anger or frustration, not being quite as depressed.

As I use the word “depressed” I only mean low vibration or low spirits

I will here and now tell you how to get it for yourself. All the happiness and joy you could contain is here and available to you now. You are the only thing standing in your way. With this short post I will show you how to get out of your own way and stop blocking joy and happiness from reaching you. You only lack awareness of the truth. I promise you by the time you are done reading this you will begin to feel better.

How Much Does Happiness Weigh?

This is a question I often ask people I am trying help with ideas that are totally invisible, and that have existence as an idea or state of consciousness. Feelings have no weight, they exist only as a state of consciousness. And consciousness is purely mental.

But you say this feeling is crushing me, surely it has weight! To this I reply, you give it the weight with your belief and give it vitality by thinking of it. And “according to your faith it shall be done onto you” – bible

BUT I ASK YOU; Who is the doer doing? And then I answer it is only you.

We ourselves hang onto to low vibrations by; refusing to forgive, refusing to accept what is (which is a kind of insanity we are all guilty of), AND THINKING THOUGHTS OF: resentments, frustration, self-pity, unfortunate circumstance, anger, sickness, jealousy, envy, rage, sadness, loneliness, gluttony, thoughts of revenge, imagining negative scenarios, worry, FEAR, shame, guilt, and a trillion other forms of darkness.

Patient: Doctor it hurts when I move my arm like this. Doctor: Don’t move your arm like that. 🙂

The Only Way To Experience Joy Is To Realize The Truth – There Is No Darkness

Understand there is a POWER germ in the word, and that your thoughts are made up of words, and finally you have the POWER to think what you want to think. It is only through ignorance of this POWER that you remain in darkness.

In James Allen’s amazing book “From Poverty to Power” he explains that good and evil have always be described by light and dark. When the sun goes down on our tiny planet, only a part of it is encapsulated in darkness, the rest of the universe is a blaze with light. The darkness is only a shadow cast by the other side of our planet. And so darkness is only ever a shadow by something intercepting the light

If you are in darkness during daylight hours, rip down the walls (Ideas, beliefs, and thoughts) that are casting the shadow. Unblock your soul from the omnipresent light and energy that surrounds us and makes manifest all there is.

” Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” John 12:2

POWER Germ – The POWER Of The Word

POWER germ is a phrase I borrowed from Genevieve Behrends spectacular book “Your Invisible Power”. Specifically Chapter 11, where she so eloquently explains.

“To establish Joy in your consciousness, just repeat the word “joy” secretly, persistently and emphatically. The Joy germ begins to expand and project itself until your whole being is filled with joy.”

As previously stated; consciousness is all there is, it weights nothing, and is mainly mental/spiritual.

Understand too the Genevieve lost her husband at a young age and was deeply sorrowed and enveloped in loneliness before studying with one of the best mental scientists of all times Judge Thomas Troward.

Unconditional Joy And Happiness

Sow seeds of hope, knowing your consciousness is now expanding. You will get to a point when doing good makes you feel good, and someones attention helps you to feel joy. Though, I caution you not to count on anything outside for your happiness and joy, cultivate your joy germ inside until you experience joy as your normal state regardless whats going on around you.

8 Exercises To Expand The Joy Consciousness

  1. Meditate
  2. Write 10 things your grateful for everyday, maybe do this twice a day.
  3. Exercise physically
  4. Eat good foods and drink plenty of water
  5. Do things you enjoy like a walk on the beach or in the woods, sit fireside reading a good book, stare at the stars at night, go to church or a concert, help someone or be of service.
  6. Affirmations
  7. Set a big juicy goal
  8. Rest and relax
  9. Say one thing you like about YOU or your physical presence. Later try to list ten a day (this is also great if your into mirror work).

Success is a System NOT a Secret

Understand now that we are all operating by a system! Your results are a direct reflection of the system you have bought into. System of Government, System of Laws, System of Beliefs. All the money you earn, your health, fitness, your relationships. perceptions, and even your mental health are part of the system.

Some people call it subconscious programming, some call it paradigms, some call it habits, some call it ignorance, lack of awareness. But, like the laws of the universe none of them work in isolation, it part of a much greater, bigger system. It has been likened to a prison you cannot hear, see, smell, or touch. (The Box)

The system is made up of ideas, emotions (fear/love), experiences, perception, beliefs, data, serotonin, dopamine, till at some point you find your lane. This is my safe spot, or comfy place. And some people hide there despite obvious and negative consequences. You cannot introduce a new idea to the system even if it is true. The system will reject any idea not in harmony with it.

People try to apply the Law Of Attraction to their lives with little or no results because their system is not in harmony with it. We are designed to solve problems and as we “TRY” something, we judge it good or bad, right or wrong, store the data and move on. We base these judgement/decisions with very little experience, especially when we get hurt in experimenting with a new idea.

You would march confidently through a bramble (thorns) a mile long if you knew the prize was worth it. But with our system we never get the prize. Are system gets programmed mainly in our little life and up until our early 20’s. We are like a rat in a maze looking for the cheese. We get rewarded and shocked at different turns until at last we know the course, how to operate without getting shocked. More cheese for the good boys and girls. “Stay in your lane Bro” 🙂

Who taught you how to handle finances, how to navigate relationships, what is love, your self worth, Laws of the universe, even health and nutrition? They don’t teach this stuff in schools, and the ones that do teach things like nutrition, teach lies. Anyone remember the food pyramid they taught in health class in the 80’s?

It feels great to teach, to help people, to put someones hand into the hand of the infinite and enlighten those about us. This is why I love to teach business and personal development. Plus it feels nice to have people look at you with esteem. That’s why there are so many willing teachers. However, those who can’t do teach, is an aphorism for a reason.

If you’re tired of one step forward two steps back, or working long hard hours for little results. Understand you that are trying to fix a broken system, not a broken person or business, a broken system. Its the roots of the tree that need attention, not the individual leaves.

Now you may be asking what this has to do with your business, your sales record, or profit and loss statement, and I answer EVERYTHING! The fish smells from the head on down. If your in charge and your not getting the results you want or expect you have bought into a broken system too. When you change the inside the outside changes automatically. I know this because I am not just a teacher I am a student.

If this post resonates with you, I urge you to reach out to me, or one of my coaches. Message us on Facebook and we will set up a free 30 minute discovery call to help you.

Michael Kern | M. Kern Consulting | | #mentaldieter

Wealth Mindset – How to Get Rich & Be Successful

If a persons’ concept of themselves were different, everything in their life would be different. -Neville

Understand right from the beginning that you are the maker of yourself, that the thoughts you diet on are dressing your world. Your mind is moving things into form. That today’s happenings are yesterday’s thoughts and ideas. Successful people since the beginning of time have known this and taught it. To have the health you need a health consciousness, to have wealth you need a wealth consciousness, to get rich you need to control your mental diet.

To get new results you need new thoughts. The same old thoughts produce the same old results. You need to break out of your habitual way of looking at yourself and the world if you would enjoy better anything. Most people focus on circumstances and the results they are experiencing, and so they get more of the same!

Successful people set a goal, and the most successful people live as though their wish was already fulfilled. They deny appearances and focus on their life as it is now that their wish is fulfilled. Even if only in their imagination for now. You begin moving into the new state as soon as you give it energy and starve the old state of mind.

The First Step Towards Health Wealth & Joy

To do things in a way you want to do them, you will have to acquire the ability to think the way you want to think – To think what you want to think is to think truth regardless of appearances. -Wattles

If you are experiencing ill health you need to stop paying it any mind except for what is absolutely necessary for dealing with things are they are now. Stop talking about it to anyone unless they can do something about it. Stop accepting the so-called reality and prognosis of limited people. Forgive whatever your current limitations are and start seeing and BELIEVING yourself as Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving Harmonious and Happy. If a doubt comes to you cast it out as a sin and focus on the truth.

This is not theoretical or metaphysical woo-woo stuff. I could state scientifically proven studies. Your mind is the most powerful force on the planet, it is already healing you, it is doing it now as we speak regenerating every cell in your body. If you cut yourself do the doctors heal you or does your body heal itself? Now, if you are in an accident and your arm is cut off, pick that sucker up with your good arm and get your ass to the doctors.

All things when they are admitted are made manifest by the light, for everything that is made manifest is light -Ephesians 5:13

You are what you consent to and believe as true. All concepts of yourself are available to you now. If you would but build a new concept in your imagination you could then move into it.

To get rich you need to acquire the right mindset. I made my case with health as nobody is rich without health. But the process is the same for whatever you would like to have.

How To Get Rich

To get whatever it is you want, you have to start moving into the spirit of it. You cannot, for instance, build an image of a firm muscular body and have thoughts of swimming in chocolate cake. That’s a double binding message your mind can’t work with. Really focus on what it is you would have and spend some time living there in your imagination. See yourself thanking friends for their compliments on your appearance, see the look of shock on your doctor’s face as he says its a miracle. Miracles are just things we can’t explain YET.

Pay attention to your mental diet and predominant attitude. You cannot go into your closet for a sweet hour of pray and meditation once a week and expect your dreams to incarnate. Start and end every day this way and don’t close the book as you go about your day or drift off to sleep, wear the mood with you and live emotionally as though it is done. “It”, being your wish fulfilled.

Mind is the master power that moulds and makes and man is mind and evermore he takes the tool of thought to shape what he wills brings forth a thousand joys a thousand ills, he thinks in secret and it comes to pass, environment is but our looking glass -James Allen

Write your goal on a card, carry it with you, rewrite it every day, “FEEL” as though it is done. Say it out loud every day.


Be sure to join my closed group on Facebook, “The Winners Edge” or just my Mental Dieter page for more content announcements.

Here is a live I recorded on Facebook

How To Manifest Anything

To manifest what we want, we need more than a sweet hour of prayer or vain repetition or affirmations of special words. There is a higher law than the Law Of Attraction… It is the Law Of Vibration. You cannot attract what you want until you get on the same vibration.

Understand, we live simultaneously on three plains of existence; Spiritually/Emotionally, Intellectually, and Physically. Most people are trying to change things and attract abundance and health either by: intellectually (with thoughts), physically (try harder / exert will). Until the spiritual aspect is incorporated with the other two, little gains will be experienced and permanent desired results will remain out of reach.

First, you have to desire a thing, truly want it. Next, you have to make a decision you will have it. I don’t care what IT is. Are you interested in having it or committed to having it?

There is a difference between interested and committed. When you’re interested in something you will do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you will accept no excuses only results. – Kenneth H Blanchard

You must feel in your conscious mind of possessing that which you desire. You must completely fuse with the state you would manifest. This persistent feeling will shift your subconscious mind which will immediately begin to clothe you and your world by most convenient means available.

This is why you don’t have to know how it will happen. What stops a lot of people is the rational need to know how it will happen, their intellectual mind.

All things, when admitted, are made manifest by the light: for everything made manifest is light  – Ephesians 5:13

Understand we are the creators working in harmony with the source. We manifest with our imagination and when we admit our imaginative world as true, it comes to pass. This is how everything you can feel, see, smell, taste or touch has been created. First in the mind and then in our world… As within, so without!

You are the doer doing, imagine better than the best and live now in the assumption of your desired ideal.

I know this is a big pill to swallow. This is why in my coaching programs: “Lead The Field” and Thinking Into Results” I work with you one on one, from goal to manifestation and keep you on track. You are going to be so happy every day when you begin one of my coaching programs, facilitated by me and Bob Proctor.

Quantum leaps become the expected growth trajectory once you understand the principles and laws that govern this world of ours.

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How To Change Your Life – Guaranteed

Unless we change how we react to life, our lives change very little. And what is our life but an accumulation of our thoughts and reactions? My life, my income, relationships, happiness, and even my health are all based on my choices and reactions. If I want better results I have to react differently to the same circumstances.

It can be a bitter pill to swallow, that somehow I am responsible for the results in my life. However, once I accepted this idea, things began to improve for the better. With acceptance and an open mind, I found a key that opened a door to a new reality.

I use the word reaction rather than action, to bring attention to the law of cause and effect and also the part we play with our “thinking“. We use our thinking to navigate the appearances of circumstances, and then to decide/choose the next best course of action. We react to circumstances/life, and life, by perfect law, reacts to us.

So you see if we keep reacting the same way, little if anything will change, and we keep getting the same results. Einstein said, “We can’t fix a problem on the same level of mind that created it”.

Letting You Off The Hook

The truth is you (ego, id) are not entirely responsible. The misconception is to think you can think, that your conscious mind is in control when the truth is that, 96-98 percent of all your reactions are habitual (habits) controlled by your subconscious mind. And our subconscious mind is home to our paradigms.

Paradigms are our beliefs, what we “believe to be true emotionally”.

Our paradigms get formed through our sometimes limited perception and awareness, concepts that feel true based on our current level of understanding. However, these “BELIEFS” are not “THE TRUTH”. Things appeared to be a certain way for a time, which made us feel a certain way, and right or wrong, we now react as if our beliefs are facts.

The conscious thinking mind has been likened to an ant, and the subconscious emotional mind likened to an elephant. Without shifting the elephant, AKA the paradigm, you get little permanent change for the better. The funny thing is that, most people think the ant is in charge, this is why we get frustrated and give up.

Enter A New Reality – Shifting the Paradigm

“All things when they are admitted are made manifest by the light, for everything that is made manifest is light – Ephesians 5:13”

Only what we are willing to admit as true of ourselves can manifest in our life. This is why we can never outperform our beliefs and why we keep getting the same results. It is up to us to reprogram the beliefs that no longer serve us, or have never served us.

Take your own concept of yourself for example, are you smart or dumb, effective or inefficient, rich or poor, brave or fearful? Any negative concept of yourself held in your mind will limit your potential. But it is your own belief that is holding you back.


Steps To Shifting The Paradigm

The first step to shifting your paradigms is to come up with what you want. What would your ideal life look like? How much money would you make, what kind of home would you live in, would you be doing work that is fulfilling surrounded by likeminded folks, would you be taking lots of time off to enjoy friends and family? Would your predominant mindset be one of confidence, calmness, and courage?

YOU have to decide what it is you want!

Once you have decided what it is you will have, admit it as true in a statement on a piece of paper like this: I am so happy and grateful now that: I have a surplus of money in the bank, that I respond to life with a calm focused mind based on the truth, and fill in the blank (what it is you want).

We shift the paradigm the same way we programmed the elephant in the first place, with feeling, and repetition.

For more information or help with your paradigms please reach out to me. You can call and get a 30-minute coaching call for free, or ask questions on my Facebook page #mentaldieter #paradigms #lifecoaching


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Worrying Is A Bad Habit

The child in the movie “The Matrix” tells Neo “Do not try and bend the spoon with your mind, that’s impossible, instead only try to realize the truth.

NEO: What truth?

CHILD: There is no spoon. Then you realize it is not the spoon that bends, but only yourself”.

Are You “AWARE” Of A Low Level Of Unease?

Do angst, worry, anxiety, fear or stress keep you up at night, prevent you from doing and saying what you want? Are they robbing you of your peace of mind? If you’re like most people the answer is yes.

As James Allen noted: We are thought evolved beings. Fear is only a phycological construct, it is only as real as we make it. Some would argue our whole world is a projection of our conscious mind.

Fear only grows with attention, withdraw attention and it goes away. Most people have formed the habit of worry. Do not resist it, you must renounce it. Resistance means you will give it attention. Renouncing is casting out. Provide the idea or thought no more attention.

Catch yourself worrying or with a pessimistic attitude and say cancel or stop, and change your focus to something positive. At first, this will be hard to do, but if you persist, you will form a new and lovely habit.

Fear has been called an evil and corrosive thread that has been woven into the fabric of life. It is certainly responsible for other negative emotions and the ruin of many lovely ideas plans and situations.

Starting a New Habit

Give some thought to the Matrix Spoon analogy “There is no Spoon.” Fear is not real, only our insecure irrational minds make it so. Hence there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

The first step is to make a decision that you are going to form a new habit. You are here now reading this because your awareness is growing and you are developing, so congratulations on that!

We have a creative power within us that will make us into whatever we give our attention too.

You Have a Choice – You could ponder a new self-image (confident/secure), a lovely prayer, an affirmation, read a book, meditate, have sex, go to the gym, go help someone else with their problems, or anything other to give attention to any negative ideas.

Awareness & Acceptance

Whatever darkness is exposed to the light becomes light. -Bible

What is fear but darkness cast by our own imagination? This is the truth that Jesus says will set you free.

Worrying is like praying for something you don’t want. If “we become what we think about all day long” as Emmerson says, what harvest will we reap from sowing seeds of fear?

I once had so much anxiety I thought I might need medication to ease my troubled mind. But by slowly changing my mental diet, with a healthy helping of spiritual principles like acceptance and forgiveness, reading and meditating, one day I had an intense feeling of peace wash over me.

In Echart Tolles book “The  Power of Now” he describes it as if an air conditioner that was always on in the background, and that I didn’t even know was there, was then suddenly shut off. I wish everyone could experience that level of deep peace and joy that comes once the air conditioner is shut off.

You’re In Control – The Choice Is Yours

What would fear be without imagination? Imagination is a wonderful and powerful tool when used rightly. Used wrongly, it becomes very destructive.

We use affirmations to change our outdated concept of ourselves. To reprogram our habitual thought patterns stored in our subconscious. There is no spoon, there is no spoon, there is no spoon. Remember you are in control of your predominant thoughts, your mental diet, your concept of “reality”. Why not focus on the truth and of lovely things.

Self Love – Self Esteem

If you find your not good company for yourself, it is a sure sign that you are in need of a new and sustained mental diet. There is nothing wrong with you. I was not good company for a long long time, and so I know what I’m talking about.

“There is still time to change the road your on” – Led Zepplin

Chances are you have no idea who you truly are, and are just weighted down with a heavy burden of the past and current circumstances. All these are but appearances. These thoughts appear true, but the image they portray is incomplete.

All that is exposed to the light will become light, and it is only your self that is causing the darkness.

There is a great quote from the movie Spanglish: “Sometimes low self-esteem is just good common sense.” This is for people who are not behaving themselves. Maybe consuming too much food or drugs (yes alcohol is a drug), or caught up in any other compulsive behavior.

When we are young, we seek approval of others and are self-centered, if this is not outgrown it can turn into a negative paradigm that plays out in our lives and leads to self-avoidance, and a self-image that we are not enough. We judge ourselves and play the victim too. The victim identity is a self-defense mechanism of the ego. The ego and self-image need an adjustment.

Here is a prescription: Stop worrying about what others people are thinking of you, its none of your business anyway. This kind of self-absorbed thinking strengthens the false image and insecurity. It becomes a loop of negativity as you will never be perfect enough. What your subconscious mind doesn’t realize is that nobody is perfect. We are all perfect in our imperfection.

Stop judging yourself, diet for a while from these thoughts. If a self-condemning idea or thought should pop into your mind, have an affirmation of the truth ready to replace it. Also, start accepting your shortcomings, embrace your uniqueness.  Again, we all have shortcomings. Seek, discover and be grateful for where you are a born natural. Find a way to bless others with your gifts and stay out of your head.  Until the new self-image is established, consider your mind a bad neighborhood and stay out of it.

Don’t associate with or tolerate anyone who puts you down or makes fun of you. You likely have subconsciously sought out some of these people to make you feel comfortable. Yes, subconsciously you needed these people to feel safe, I know its weird. Also, expect to feel uncomfortable during your transition from these false old ideas of yourself to your new enlightened understanding of as all as limited in some way. You’re not as bad as you think you are.

I know people including myself that “felt less than”, that wrote down everything they felt guilty or ashamed of and went and confessed it to a closed mothed friend or priest. Only to have the other person share similar stories. Confession is good for the soul.

Most important is to build a new self-image and claim it. You have to overwrite the old immature self-image, the one you created with your limited understanding and awareness. Get with people who will love you until you can love yourself.

Other things that cut us off from feeling happy joyous and free are Resentment, Self-pity, Pessimistic Attitudes, Complaining or just Negativity in general. Adopt a new optimistic attitude and begin to expect good things. As you change your vibration good things will begin to happen for you.

“Heaven holds a place for those who pray” – Paul Simon

Write a new self-image and read it every day, several times a day. Imagine what it feels like now that you are this person, act like this person, and carry the feeling around with you, let the feeling linger. If you have problems, stop thinking about them unless there is something you can do about it. Find a way to help someone else with their problems.

“If you are humble nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are”. – Mother Teresa

I once heard someone say they were an ego-maniac with an inferiority complex, and I really identified with that at the time. What I know now is that I didn’t even really know myself. I was so self-obsessed, so self-conscious I did not see the whole picture. Look at the whole picture of you. If you are like most people you have some good traits and some growing to do. Be patient with yourself, as God is not finished with you yet. As you start to see the whole picture and focus on your strengths you let the light in. Let there be light!

It would help to get with a coach or friend to help you maintain your new self-image. You are forming a new habit, and habits can be hard to form. Maybe give me a call and let me coach you up a little? There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I found that the things I once thought I would bring to the grave, turned out to be nothing in the light of day.

I highly recommend two books on this subject:

  1. The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz
  2. Psyco-Cybernetics – Maxwell Maltz

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Coaching – Mentoring: The Rise Of Michael Kern

When I say, if I can do it anyone can, you have to understand from 11-17 years of age I was alternating between living on the streets, going to shelters, and bouncing from one foster home to another. My environment was poor, both emotionally and financially and I basically raised myself, teaching myself little of discipline. The last grade I actually completed in a traditional school as a child was the seventh, and at that time I had a fourth-grade reading level.

Even though I couldn’t show up for school, somehow I knew education was important, and so I would actually study on my own, reading psychology books and sociology books at public libraries. As a homeless teenager, I got my hands on some spelling tests from different grade levels so that I could improve my spelling. While living in the Boston subway system I also attended a couple of months of automotive training at ITT Tech. Those student loans followed me to age 27 or 28.

It wasn’t until I was 27 that my growth really took off, this is when I got with my first mentor (Edward H). At this time I started reading as a man thinketh, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, basically every self-help book I could get my hands on, including many spiritual texts. This is when I got the ground under my feet in a meaningful way. It wasn’t long after working with Edward that I actually got my GED, went to college, and got my certificate as a counselor. I worked as a counselor for several years before starting my first business.

Human services were very rewarding personally but it just didn’t pay. So I needed to create an income to help support my young family. I had no capital, but I got started all the same founding Big Mike’s Auto Repair.

I love what small business Guru Michael Gerbers says: “Most small business people are suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure. Because they can perform a service well they think they can run a business“. In retrospect, I wish I had gotten a business development coach with my first endeavor. Edward was more of a philosopher and spiritual mentor, he was not suited to consult on business.

Not every business I have started since has been a success, but I learned to cut my losses and take my lessons to the next endeavor. I now have multiple streams of income all doing very well, I live in a healthy body and my relationships are very rewarding. I was actually semi-retired wintering in Thailand when I finally decided what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I’ve always really loved personal development and helping people so I studied and went to seminars, one of my early Inspirations was Anthony Robbins, (Tony Robbins) I did his first personal development course, I found his cassette tapes on eBay for like 12 dollars as suggested by another book I was reading at the time. It was a 30-day program. It helped me to understand his process, and to expand. It really helped me to understand what motivated me. I have to credit his course with vision board work that helped lead to my success.

I eventually went to Tony’s seminars, walked on fire, the whole bit. I love his philosophy and strategies. I carry them in my toolbox.

I remember seeing Zig Ziglar in person for the first time at a leadership development seminar, In my opinion, the best motivational speaker who ever lived. Zig always talked about hope and spiritual principles, his messages always resonated with me. Listening to him in the morning would raise my vibration, and help me to keep my vibration up throughout my day.

It wasn’t until all that recently I discovered Bob Proctor, his material was illuminating. Bob has been studying human potential, sales, and business development for over 58 years now full time. He stared in the movie “The Secret”. He shares everything he’s learned over the 58 years. He too has had the best coaches and mentors teaching him, including the father of the personal development industry Earl Nightengale.

I joined Bob Proctor’s coaching program, and he downloaded 50 plus years of information on human development and potential right into my brain. I had discovered and read a lot of the same books Bob did, but with his help and experience, I have been able to connect all the dots.

Coaching is how to take decades and turn them into months and even days. Unless we have someone to help us control our focus, measure it, and maximize our potential, then we usually don’t get the best results.

Coaching is the best and fastest way I know of to reach mastery and better and better results.

Successful people are decisive and persistent, they make decisions fast, and change them slowly, if ever. Take the first step and “ACT” like the person you want to become. Get a mentor and fast track your success. You’ll be so glad you did!