Coaching – Mentoring: The Rise Of Michael Kern

Coaching Mentor Michael Kern

When I say, if I can do it anyone can, you have to understand from 11-17 years of age I was alternating between living on the streets, going to shelters, and bouncing from one foster home to another. My environment was poor, both emotionally and financially and I basically raised myself, teaching myself little of discipline. The last grade I actually completed in a traditional school as a child was the seventh, and at that time I had a fourth-grade reading level.

Even though I couldn’t show up for school, somehow I knew education was important, and so I would actually study on my own, reading psychology books and sociology books at public libraries. As a homeless teenager, I got my hands on some spelling tests from different grade levels so that I could improve my spelling. While living in the Boston subway system I also attended a couple of months of automotive training at ITT Tech. Those student loans followed me to age 27 or 28.

It wasn’t until I was 27 that my growth really took off, this is when I got with my first mentor (Edward H). At this time I started reading as a man thinketh, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, basically every self-help book I could get my hands on, including many spiritual texts. This is when I got the ground under my feet in a meaningful way. It wasn’t long after working with Edward that I actually got my GED, went to college, and got my certificate as a counselor. I worked as a counselor for several years before starting my first business.

Human services were very rewarding personally but it just didn’t pay. So I needed to create an income to help support my young family. I had no capital, but I got started all the same founding Big Mike’s Auto Repair.

I love what small business Guru Michael Gerbers says: “Most small business people are suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure. Because they can perform a service well they think they can run a business“. In retrospect, I wish I had gotten a business development coach with my first endeavor.

Not every business I have started since has been a success, but I learned to cut my losses and take my lessons to the next endeavor. I now have several income streams doing very well, I live in a healthy body and my relationships are very rewarding. I was actually semi-retired wintering in Thailand when I decided what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I’ve always really loved personal development and helping people so I studied and went to seminars, one of my early Inspirations was Anthony Robbins, (Tony Robbins) I did his first personal development course, I found his cassette tapes on eBay for like 12 dollars as suggested by another book I was reading at the time. It was a 30-day program. It helped me to understand his process, and to expand. It really helped me to understand what motivated me. I have to credit his course with vision board work that helped lead to my success.

I eventually went to Tony’s seminars, walked on fire, the whole bit. I love his philosophy and strategies. I carry them in my toolbox.

I remember seeing Zig Ziglar in person for the first time at a leadership development seminar, In my opinion, the best motivational speaker who ever lived. Zig always talked about Hope and spiritual principles, his messages always resonated with me. Listening to him in the morning would raise my vibration, and help me to keep my vibration up throughout my day.

It wasn’t until all that recently I discovered Bob Proctor, his material was illuminating. Bob has been studying human potential, sales, and business development for over 58 years now full time. Though he stared in the movie “The Secret” He shares everything he’s learned over the 58 years. He has had the best coaches and mentors teaching him, including the father of the personal development industry Earl Nightengale.

I joined Bob Proctor’s coaching program, and he downloaded 50 plus years of information on human development right into my brain. I had discovered and read a lot of the same books Bob did, but with his help and experience, all the dots really connected.

I had been very successful with teaching CBT, DBT, and other personal development strategies, but no program I have ever seen or heard of offers more value than his program “Thinking Into Results”. Thinking Into Results is absolutely the best organized and structured program I have ever seen. It will help you get anything you want if you do exactly what it says. I am proud to have been taught by Bob and to share his material with the world.

Mentoring and coaching are the oldest and the best way I know of to reach Mastery, plus achieve more and better results.

If you want to dabble, getting coached will only help a little, but if you want the biggest results in the shortest amount of time than getting a coach is it. Learn from the best in goal achieving and performance. It’s the performance that separates the winners from the rest of the crowd. Performance is about “right-thinking” and taking action, and this is what separates Bob’s teachings from all other materials.

What I would like to do here is to invite you to have a coaching session. I’m willing to give it to you for free, no strings attached. If there is a fit, and enough added-value hopefully you’ll become a client.

If there are business owners looking to grow their companies, I do a complimentary business audit too. If you want that kind of coaching you can ask for it specifically.

My whole passion is helping people and growing businesses. I have taken my love for helping people and my love for business and marketing, and now coach full time. It does not matter if you have a hundred employees or are an army of one. I work with top franchises and small cleaning companies, contractors, and stay at home parents, home builders and people with no idea at all but have I desire for more.

Coaching and mentoring is how to get more out of a shorter period of time. We all have so many demands for our time. Who couldn’t use a shortcut?

Coaching is how to take decades and turn them into months and even days. Unless we have someone to help us control our focus, measure it, and maximize our potential, then we usually don’t get the best results. With “Thinking Into Results” you can expect a quantum leap.

Again, coaching is the oldest and best way I know of to reach mastery and better and better results. It has helped me and Bob continues to help me reach my goals.

If this message resonates with anyone thinking about coaching to improve their results, just pick up the phone now, send a message to get started today. Take action!

Successful people are decisive and persistent, they make decisions fast, and change them slowly, if ever. Take the first step and ACT like the person you want to become.