Self Image – The Power Behind Successful People

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The Power Of Your Self Image

What I’m about to share with you can transform your whole world overnight, sooner even. First of all, your self-image is not what you think it is. next, you are not in direct control over it, or how it affects your life. Believe me when I tell you it is affecting every aspect of your life. Self-image can be said to be at the core of all results: Your Wealth, Success, Career, Your Happiness, Relationships, and to a large extent even your Health, Everything!

When you change the cause, you change the effect, its a law. Self-image is the cause, so by altering it, you alter everything. I hear you asking, everything Mike? Yes, everything!

Warning*** Just because you know, understand and agree with what I am saying and about to say, it will NOT benefit you without persistent action. This kind of growth can get uncomfortable and without an accountability partner to hold you on course, you are likely to evade your own efforts. This is too important to try and wing-it, get a coach like me, or someone to help you.

“Don’t be surprised if you grow uneasy–that’s a predictable part of the process. When you take a Quantum Leap you ride the situation, but you don’t really control it all that much.” -You2 by Price Pritchett, Ph.D.

Conscious Mind Vs. Subconscious Mind/Emotional Mind

First, understand our conscious mind is like an ant, and our subconscious mind is like an elephant. The elephant always wins! Next, the subconscious mind never sleeps, is always paying attention, never forgets anything.

Consciously, you feed the subconscious ideas which it stores, waiting for proof, always looking to prove or disprove the idea. Ideas are proved and accepted as fact by an emotional impact and by corroboration from trusted sources.

There is an excellent example in Don Miguel’s wonderful book “The Four Agreements”: The story goes one day a little girl was having fun and full of joy, so much so it was pouring out of her and she was singing loudly and bounding around the apartment. Meanwhile, her single mom was coming home with a headache after working a double shift and just wanted peace and quiet. The mom ended up snapping at her little girl and shouting Shut up, Shut up, Stop Singing you have an ugly voice.

Without knowing what she did, the little girl never sang again, in fact, she became shy and didn’t like to speak. Here is a great example of an emotional impact and a trusted source. As little people, we find agreement with much that is not true.

As we get older we are not as open to suggestion from others, but what about the first job you got? What if you didn’t do well and you were chewed out and or fired? What if your grades were poor, what effect might that have had on your idea of how smart you are. Understand that for better or worse our self-image was mostly formed from perception and opinion (not real facts) during the time we were still growing and developing.

Consciously we understand this, but remember the subconscious never forgets. If you truly understand this and forgive yourself, an immediate catharsis may be felt. Forgive yourself, and forgive everyone involved… Echart Tolle –  the great spiritual teacher says: “Forgive every Moment”… This is a wonderful spiritual practice.

James Allen said it best: “We are thought evolved beings”.  And especially,  “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” (I think the bible said the last one first)

Change Your Self Image and Change Your World

We are given to change our mind and change our world. It is all you… You thinking, you believing, you being, you doing, you having, etc. As soon as you begin to practice these lessons I am offering and change your inner beliefs, you will begin to see results. We are told and I am fond of saying: “As within, so without”.

Read my last article on Paradigms for an even deeper understanding of how negative habits are formed, but I want to move on to the cure!

First a Pep-Talk

Stop running yourself down! Don’t you know how wonderful you are? You are Gods highest form of creation, and you are a creator yourself. The tool by which you may fashion (create) anything, ANYTHING AT All! Is by your own wonderful imagination. You are more miraculous than the stars, more awe-inspiring the oceans, more majestic than the forests.

You can do whatever you set your mind to. The past is dead and does not accurately predict what will happen in the future. So dream, and DREAM BIG, make up your mind once and for all what your great purpose is to be and set out to accomplish it, start now. If your mind should wander down a crummy road, draw it back and focus on your definite aim in life. You have just as much right to abundance and happiness as anyone.

Changing Subconscious Beliefs | Changing Self-Image

Changing the subconscious usually takes time but can happen in an instant with an emotional impact. The way most people go about it is called spaced repetition, or affirmations, also called auto-suggestion in the 1937 book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

The one thing I didn’t tell you yet about the subconscious is that it can not tell reality from fantasy. Whatever thoughts you believe it will accept as true, this is how you were programmed, to begin with.

Use your imagination and create a new and improved self-image. you need to write it out, speak it into existence, record it, play it back for yourself, and drive it home until the subconscious begins applying the new beliefs. You have to act the part as you read it, really feel it. Memorize it and repeat it to yourself throughout the day, every day.

There is a wonderful program from Peggy McColl, she teaches the Law Of Attraction. She uses what she calls a Power Life Script to manifest anything you want in life. It works in perfect harmony with rewriting self-image, as we must first BE… before we can have. This is based on a higher law- The Law Of Vibration. This law of vibration also explains why we cannot outperform our beliefs.

I want to encourage you to get on a free coaching call with me. No strings attached and if you think there is enough value perhaps you will become a client.