Invisible Power – Secret To Success

What I am about to share with you is understood by less than one percent of the population on the planet. Once you totally get it, you will be able to write your own ticket to the good life. “What is completely invisible, is at your command, and has the power to grant your every wish?” Some people will say God, or a Genie, and they would be close, but not right! The answer is our mind.

For all the God people that continue to believe it’s God, let me say this: You do not “command” God/Source/Law. You can only work with the law, conform or yield to it. This is the proper use of the will. For those like me, who refused to go with the flow, fought the tide for so long and suffered, you get it!

The truth is most people know very little about their mind. They don’t teach us much about the mind in school, if at all. Yet everything we see in the visible world has been brought forth via our mind. As you survey all that has been created and recreated, all the things made better, and better year after year, you may think you could never do that. But not only can you do that, you should do that!

Six Higher Faculties of Mind

This post may later become the outline for a book of mine, but for now I want to give the reader a brief and fast introduction of our invisible powers. These are the six metal faculties that make up our mind. Which we may develop, and by reading this you are developing. Increased awareness is increase of mind.


Reason is our ability to think, to “play” with our mind and information.


Perception is our awareness of a thing.


Don’t even get me started on this one. What could you not improve with just a drop of this immutable power?


Our ability to focus


The life germ of learning. our ability to recall information


A knowing or sensing based on feeling or instinct, a gift of nature.

Psychological Aspects Of Mind – Mindsets & Invisible Prisons

“So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains, never even knowing we held the keys” -Eagles… Already Gone (song lyrics)

No discussion of invisible power or that of “mind” would be complete without talking about subconscious/unconscious, self image, ego, or beliefs. So buckle up buttercup because this is where we loose most people on this ride. And it is only with a thorough understanding of what I’m about to tell you, you get to write your own ticket to “the good life” as mentioned heretofore.

Our self image, level of awareness and beliefs are responsible for all our results, they are the cause of all our effects, circumstances, finances, relationships, health, everything.

Ego – Is a false sense of self most people have identified with and live their lives defending, protecting, proving right. I know better, and am writing this, but still slip back into my ego for periods of time. It takes time for most people to peal back the onion of truth, while others apparently awaken in a flash, and stay woke.

We have a mind, but we are not our mind. When Descartes (usually pronounces “day-cart”) said: “I Think Therefore I Am” he was wrong!!! As pointed out in Eckhart Tolle’s most excellent book “The Power Of Now” We are in fact consciousness prior to thought, we are the witnessing presence. My point for now, is that we are not “who” we “think” we are.

Therefore, who we think we are is only a psychological construct, and if we don’t like our results, we can change it. Our self is only an apparent self.


“Let the weak man say he is strong Joel: 3:10” (Bible quote)

We who have been living under the assumption that we are what we are, and now know that was only an “assumptive self“, Have only to assume a new and better version of ourselves. Change the construct! If you want confidence, you only need assume a confidence consciousness and you will birth it into yourself. We, by our own imagination can build a heaven here on earth.

Our attitudes toward everyone and everything come from our subconscious beliefs, and everything and everyone can only reflect back to us what we are putting out. If you don’t like what’s coming, change what’s going. And change your #mentaldiet.

Whether you believe in Science or Theology, they both agree there is one one power/one energy by which everything is created. Learn the Law, Work with it, and see for yourself. The power maybe invisible but it’s manifestations are infinite.

Michael Kern

Money Mindset, Business and Personal Development Coach