Money Law – How to Get an F-Ton More – Fast (full free article)

Money Law - Scales of justice with service

By learning the law by which money operates, you will be able to get in harmony with it and control the flow of it to you. Money does not care how you look, how smart you are, how much education you have, how strong you are. It will flow to anyone who understands “money law”. Smart people are both rich and poor, good looking people are both rich and poor, strong people come both rich and poor. The ugly, fat, bald, weak, and stupid also come both rich and poor. Money flows to those who understand the law.

Money operates by law just like electricity. The more service you provided the more money or electricity there is available. You cannot pull 200 amps from a 100 amp service, if you want more electricity, you must increase the service. If you want more money you must increase your service, or more correctly, the value of your service.

As a business money mindset coach who facilities personal development I am increasing my service by writing this article. Too many people sit in front of an electric heater and say give me heat and then I will turn on the electricity. It doesn’t work that way, provide ample electricity and you can run all the heaters you want and have all the warmth you desire.

Every dollar you will ever “earn” will come from another person, persons, or company. It will flow in direct proportion to the value of your service. The law of compensations states – “your compensation will be in direct proportion to the need for what you do, your ability to do it, and the difficulty there is in replacing you”.

People who do more than they are paid for, are soon paid more for what they do. It’s money law, its compensation law. It’s like the law of gravity, if you jump out a window you will always go down. There has never been an easier time than now to monetize services to the masses, and become wealthy.

How could you provide someone a job, millions want them? How can you provide an employee, millions want them? What do you love? What services are being provided for that? How can you improve it? What will that industry look like in five years? help help help!

All that most people need is a new attitude, a new mindset, an improved concept of self. If you will think a couple times a week; how can I provide better service for ____________? Soon Money Law will kick in and you’ll be earning so much money you will wonder where it was hiding for so long.

I used to be unhappy sick and broke, now I’m happy, healthy and wealthy… I’ve made more money in the last 5 years than the previous 47 years combined. I never saved a penny to speak of and yet now I have commercial rentals, online stores, and multiple business all depositing cash into my bank accounts. I work at least 6 months less a year, vacation all over the world, and able to bestow blessing on my family and those around me.

Guess what changed??? – I did! My beliefs to be more precise.

FACT, by increasing awareness, and by altering our concepts, every facet of life (Health, Joy and Income) improves. FACT, The fast track to wealth has always been by starting a business!

Mindset Coach Michael Kern – A.K.A. The Mental Dieter