How To Change Your Life – Guaranteed

change your life

Unless we change how we react to life, our lives change very little. And what is our life but an accumulation of our thoughts and reactions? My life, my income, relationships, happiness, and even my health are all based on my choices and reactions. If I want better results I have to react differently to the same circumstances.

It can be a bitter pill to swallow, that somehow I am responsible for the results in my life. However, once I accepted this idea, things began to improve for the better. With acceptance and an open mind, I found a key that opened a door to a new reality.

I use the word reaction rather than action, to bring attention to the law of cause and effect and also the part we play with our “thinking“. We use our thinking to navigate the appearances of circumstances, and then to decide/choose the next best course of action. We react to circumstances/life, and life, by perfect law, reacts to us.

So you see if we keep reacting the same way, little if anything will change, and we keep getting the same results. Einstein said, “We can’t fix a problem on the same level of mind that created it”.

Letting You Off The Hook

The truth is you (ego, id) are not entirely responsible. The misconception is to think you can think, that your conscious mind is in control when the truth is that, 96-98 percent of all your reactions are habitual (habits) controlled by your subconscious mind. And our subconscious mind is home to our paradigms.

Paradigms are our beliefs, what we “believe to be true emotionally”.

Our paradigms get formed through our sometimes limited perception and awareness, concepts that feel true based on our current level of understanding. However, these “BELIEFS” are not “THE TRUTH”. Things appeared to be a certain way for a time, which made us feel a certain way, and right or wrong, we now react as if our beliefs are facts.

The conscious thinking mind has been likened to an ant, and the subconscious emotional mind likened to an elephant. Without shifting the elephant, AKA the paradigm, you get little permanent change for the better. The funny thing is that, most people think the ant is in charge, this is why we get frustrated and give up.

Enter A New Reality – Shifting the Paradigm

“All things when they are admitted are made manifest by the light, for everything that is made manifest is light – Ephesians 5:13”

Only what we are willing to admit as true of ourselves can manifest in our life. This is why we can never outperform our beliefs and why we keep getting the same results. It is up to us to reprogram the beliefs that no longer serve us, or have never served us.

Take your own concept of yourself for example, are you smart or dumb, effective or inefficient, rich or poor, brave or fearful? Any negative concept of yourself held in your mind will limit your potential. But it is your own belief that is holding you back.


Steps To Shifting The Paradigm

The first step to shifting your paradigms is to come up with what you want. What would your ideal life look like? How much money would you make, what kind of home would you live in, would you be doing work that is fulfilling surrounded by likeminded folks, would you be taking lots of time off to enjoy friends and family? Would your predominant mindset be one of confidence, calmness, and courage?

YOU have to decide what it is you want!

Once you have decided what it is you will have, admit it as true in a statement on a piece of paper like this: I am so happy and grateful now that: I have a surplus of money in the bank, that I respond to life with a calm focused mind based on the truth, and fill in the blank (what it is you want).

We shift the paradigm the same way we programmed the elephant in the first place, with feeling, and repetition.

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