Event – Bob Proctor Paradigm Shift Live Stream Oct 11-13th 2019

Paradigm Shift Proctor - October 2019 event

Without question, Bob Proctor is one of the best business and personal development experts who have ever lived. So when he has an event, it should not be missed. Paradigm Shift is one of his most sought after tickets. This upcoming show in California is already sold out, but you can still register for the live stream and catch the mood and spirit while it is happening.

  • Event: Paradigm Shift
  • Date: Oct 11-13, 2019
  • Location: California
  • Ticket: Sold-Out
  • Live Stream: Sign-up Page

Paradigms have long been understood as the seat of habit. The place change must happen to have good and permanent results. Want to lose weight, make more money, have a more harmonious relationship, enjoy life more? Change your paradigm and it becomes automatic.

Since paradigms are fundamental to success in every aspect of our lives, they should be deeply understood. The best way to learn this information is through repetition.

By signing up for the live stream you will get the added benefit of the replay which you can study and have access to for 14 days.

Inside Show Information

As a PGI Consultant, I know you will not want to miss this Paradigm Shift Live Event. Most people realize they are only using 10 percent of their brainpower, Bob is going to break down how to understand your own subconscious mind and get you engaging your entire mind. Imagine what you can accomplish with this information.

During this live-stream event, he is also going to explain six mental faculties that we can further develop for still greater success and performance.

He is going to present this information in such simple terms a child can understand it. Gather your friends and family and share this information with them.

Take control of your life now by registering for Bob’s most sought after program. You will not be the same afterward and will be glad you did it.

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