Best Business Opportunity! – Potential Investment Opportunity

What I am about to share with you is the best business opportunity you have never heard of. For one, it’s how Ed Mylett made his first fortune, and so good as a multi-multi-millionaire he is coming back to it, and even suggesting his daughter get into it.

Some people already need to know what it is, some people know who Ed Mylett is and just want to know what it cost to start. I promise I will answer these two questions and here is the first answer to the second question. This business opportunity financial investment is less than $500 bucks. None of this money goes to me, or is a down payment on something more expensive. This is literally the total buy in for this opportunity.

Now, the good readers, and those who read between the lines may have already picked up on another type of cost. They know it cost more than $500 bucks, and they are right! Right here lets separate the successful from the unsuccessful. Do you know the secret of success? well here it is: The successful are willing to do what the unsuccessful are not. It’s just that simple. So the other and more important cost is your time and energy.

This is not a get rich quick situation. Does it happen yes, is it likely no. It takes dedication, faith and work. You need to know your WHY, you need to know in your bones that this is the best business opportunity of your life and you cannot fail. It’s just not possible. And lastly you need to work. Did you know Elon Musk used to sleep on the factory floor?

Did you also know the American Dream is more likely to be realized by a new immigrant than someone born here in the states? Do you know why that is? They believe it! And before they realize our country is just as messed up as theirs, they have already made it.

Any business you start needs to be able to scale. that means workers and cashflow. What do you know about scaling a successful business? What do you know about finance and business? What do you know about leadership and inspiring others? How many millionaire mentors do you have? One of my favorite coaches says proximity is power. In this business opportunity you will be taught by millionaires, you will be coached by others who are super successful in this business.

We build you so you can build your business. But, you have to bring the DESIRE, the WILL to win, and the willingness to do what failures wont. With a solid plan, and refusal to quit, you simply can’t lose! You will win Big

This business opportunity offers flexibility, IN FACT most people start out on a parttime basis in this business. It also offers Freedom, and purpose, because we help a lot of people. We are in the business of financial Literacy, so we literally save peoples financial futures.

Nowhere is there a business opportunity that even comes close to this one! First thing a business person looks for, is return on investment (ROI). Compare this to a McDonald franchise: Buy in 1 million, our cost less than $500 bucks, average expected return the first year for the franchisee? $75,000!  Average income of some part timers and full timers in our business? $100,000! And we have all the systems you need like McDonalds. They have hamburger University, we have the system builder book and others, we have admin that handles the boring work, we have personal coaches and trainers to help us build at every step. Who has that?

We have a lot of live events, in fact we travel a lot too. We have zoom calls every day you can join. We have a BIG event happening all around the united states and Canada on April 6th 2024. It will be live from about 300 of our financial centers, and we will combine all meetings into one great meeting on zoom. To join via Zoom you have to be at one of the live events.

If this sound like something you would like to learn more about, of if your like me and you just want to get started and not wait. text me immediately @ (978) 855-4795

Success is a System NOT a Secret

Understand now that we are all operating by a system! Your results are a direct reflection of the system you have bought into. System of Government, System of Laws, System of Beliefs. All the money you earn, your health, fitness, your relationships. perceptions, and even your mental health are part of the system.

Some people call it subconscious programming, some call it paradigms, some call it habits, some call it ignorance, lack of awareness. But, like the laws of the universe none of them work in isolation, it part of a much greater, bigger system. It has been likened to a prison you cannot hear, see, smell, or touch. (The Box)

The system is made up of ideas, emotions (fear/love), experiences, perception, beliefs, data, serotonin, dopamine, till at some point you find your lane. This is my safe spot, or comfy place. And some people hide there despite obvious and negative consequences. You cannot introduce a new idea to the system even if it is true. The system will reject any idea not in harmony with it.

People try to apply the Law Of Attraction to their lives with little or no results because their system is not in harmony with it. We are designed to solve problems and as we “TRY” something, we judge it good or bad, right or wrong, store the data and move on. We base these judgement/decisions with very little experience, especially when we get hurt in experimenting with a new idea.

You would march confidently through a bramble (thorns) a mile long if you knew the prize was worth it. But with our system we never get the prize. Are system gets programmed mainly in our little life and up until our early 20’s. We are like a rat in a maze looking for the cheese. We get rewarded and shocked at different turns until at last we know the course, how to operate without getting shocked. More cheese for the good boys and girls. “Stay in your lane Bro” 🙂

Who taught you how to handle finances, how to navigate relationships, what is love, your self worth, Laws of the universe, even health and nutrition? They don’t teach this stuff in schools, and the ones that do teach things like nutrition, teach lies. Anyone remember the food pyramid they taught in health class in the 80’s?

It feels great to teach, to help people, to put someones hand into the hand of the infinite and enlighten those about us. This is why I love to teach business and personal development. Plus it feels nice to have people look at you with esteem. That’s why there are so many willing teachers. However, those who can’t do teach, is an aphorism for a reason.

If you’re tired of one step forward two steps back, or working long hard hours for little results. Understand you that are trying to fix a broken system, not a broken person or business, a broken system. Its the roots of the tree that need attention, not the individual leaves.

Now you may be asking what this has to do with your business, your sales record, or profit and loss statement, and I answer EVERYTHING! The fish smells from the head on down. If your in charge and your not getting the results you want or expect you have bought into a broken system too. When you change the inside the outside changes automatically. I know this because I am not just a teacher I am a student.

If this post resonates with you, I urge you to reach out to me, or one of my coaches. Message us on Facebook and we will set up a free 30 minute discovery call to help you.

Michael Kern | M. Kern Consulting | | #mentaldieter