How To Get Rich

How to get rich - $100's

There is a proven formula for getting rich and here it is. Find a way to help as many people as possible. It is as simple as it sounds, you can hold it up to the light, kick it down the street, and when you’re all done, that’s the recipe for wealth. That might sound weird to people who think you have to crush the little guy and walk over the bones of your competition.

I would advise you to be creative rather than be competitive! I got out of the 9-5 rat race via affiliate marketing. I used my expertise to educate people (help them), I even went so far as to find the best deals for them, and then provided a link so they could buy the product or service I recommended. For my service, I was rewarded with a commission each time a purchase was made.

When I started blogging back in 1997, I could barely spell or make coherent sentences. When I would go back and read some of those articles, I didn’t even know what I was saying. I would read a sentence and be like, what??? But you have to start where you’re at.

If you think about any company that is really doing well, you will find they are serving people better, faster, or have better faster products. Having a better product is easy, no need to compete, just create a better product. Find the common pain of a lot of people and fix it.

Look at how perfect the Air B&B idea is… People wanted a nice place to stay without having to spend so much (pain = expensive hotels) and combined it with people who wanted to generate income with their property (pain = need more income or empty rentals) and solved the pain for both groups. We call that a win-win!

There has never been an easier time to get rich, look at the info products industry. It is quietly earning billions of dollars every year. People want to learn. You don’t even have to leverage your expertise. You can hire an expert to write content or give the information that you need.

“You can have everything you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want”

– Zig Ziglar

“People have it backward, they think if you make a lot of money you’re successful, no… If you’re successful you make a lot of money. Making money is the result of being successful” -Earl Nightingale

Being successful is helping other people get what they want. The money you’re seeking will always come from someone else and they will only give it to you for something you have that they want. There is no such thing as something for nothing.

Making money is easy. I feel sorry for all the people that trade time for money. I know the pain, I did it myself for over 25 years. I wasted even more time trying to figure out how to run a business. I started a business and put in so many hours that a McDonald’s employees made more than me if we counted all the hours and divided by what I was actually making.

They don’t teach you how to think properly in school. They load you up with a lot of information but then you’re left to figure things out on your own. If you read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” by Robert Kyosaki, then you begin to understand the different paradigms between advice from a middle-class father vs a rich father.

That book was written before so much information was readily available, but people are still following the old paradigm that stopped working even before the book was published back in 1997. Does loading up your brain with a bunch of information that is readily available online, for a tuition fee of 60k-200k really still look like a solid plan?

I have friends with student loans who are being threatened to have their license pulled due to old student loans. #studentloanjustice

The founder of Ford automotive once sued a newspaper when they called him an ignorant pacifist. Under cross-examination, they asked Mr. Ford a bunch of general knowledge questions, and when he was about fed up he said, “why should I clutter up my mind with junk when I have a row of buttons on my desk that when pushed, will summon a man that can answer any question I may have”? Sounds like Ford had a prehistoric Google.

The Formula For Wealth

Most people are content with just getting by because they do not have a strong enough motive to live better. That’s all most people are lacking is a strong enough WHY… Earl Nightingale said, “Its easier to adjust yourself to the hardships of making a poor living than it is to get out and make a better one”.

Without bringing you up to speed in this article of the power of your subconscious, just know you have to get emotionally involved. For a start, come up with a definite figure and fall in love with the idea of being wealthy. You don’t have to know how you will get the money. This idea that we must know-how is a dream killer. Diet from any negative thoughts and only think of what you want.

Cultivate a burning desire and write down your definite purpose. Get excited about it. Read your desire every night before bed, and think about it when you wake up.

Most of all, look for ways to be of service, find ways to help people. There is plenty of money and a shortage of good ideas. Once you have this burning desire, things will begin happening for you. The things and people that you need will be drawn toward you. New and creative ideas will come seemingly from nowhere.

Remember that your rewards in life will be in direct proportion to what you give. It is the law of prosperity and there is no way around it. Keep an open mind, use your God-given creative imagination, and find a way to help people. When you are successful at helping others, the money will come, as sure as the sun will rise.

One last piece of advice, I understand if you feel that I have a conflict of interest, get a business development coach. It will turn decades into months and slingshot you to wealth.