How To Manifest Money – Law Of Prosperity – Law Of Abundance

How to Manifest Money

“You can have everything you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want” -Zig Ziglar

It is easy to manifest money when you are in harmony and working with the law. Getting in harmony with the law takes awareness and understanding, and that may take more than this article to fully explain or comprehend. It would be foolish for me to think I can fully explain how to manifest money in 800 words or less. I will, however, offer as much value and information as possible for you.

How Money Comes To You

I began this article with a popular Zig Ziglar quote, and the Meme from my coach Bob Proctor because they really embody the law of prosperity. When money or riches come to you, it will be in the hands of another person. You will have to give that person something of equal or greater value in exchange for it.

Success is not the result of having a lot of money, having a lot of money is the result of being a success. Most people have it backward. This is why we are told not to chase the money, instead chase success. You would not sit in front of a wood stove and say give me heat and then I will put the wood in. No put the wood in first, be a success first then you will have heat, then you will have money.

How do you be a success? Find a way to help as many people as possible.

Law of Compensation

The law of compensation is clear: The need for what you do, your ability to do it, and the difficulty there is in replacing you. This is a formula for value and explains why all the top people in their field get paid the most. If you want to manifest more money in your present field, find a way to offer more value, create more need for your method and you immediately have more money.

I am not suggesting the trading of time for money as a good model for manifesting wealth. I do it as one of my MSI’s (multiple sources of income) because I enjoy what I do.

Mindset For Manifesting Wealth

The first thing you have to do is realize that whatever you believe will manifest in your world. You as a creator will make it so (yes you are a creator). As within, so without. You must focus on the truth rather than appearances. If you focus on poverty you will manifest poverty, if you focus on circumstances you will create more of the same. poverty is a mindset, the truth is that there is no poverty for you, only abundance.

Try this experiment with me right now… for two minutes just imagine how it feels to be wealthy, to wake up every morning with more and more money in the bank, to have an unlimited supply always on tap. STOP READING NOW… Do this exercise now for two minutes! Or honestly just stop reading and go do something else. Please, two minutes…

That feeling you just experienced if you were able to get to the feeling changed your vibration, you felt it. You created a new vibration with your imagination. New vibration means new results in your life.

If you couldn’t quite get to the real feeling try again, practice several times a day until you can feel it. Feel it from the end as if it is real. This is how you manifest anything you desire. Get in the spirit of it, fall in love with the idea as it is already done. Feel deep gratitude and walk through your day as this person, act like this person of wealth and security.

You don’t have to tell anyone else what you are doing. James Allen wrote, “We think in secret and it comes to pass, environment is but our looking glass”. I’m not saying don’t share this article, in fact, if it would benefit someone please do. If you have like-minded friends that’s good too, but people who might be negative are to be avoided. The people who make fun and try to tare you down are not to be brought into our confidence.

“We become what we think about all day long” -Emmerson

We Are Creators

We live in a modern-day gold rush. Just like when gold was discovered in California back in the 1800s, there has never been more opportunity to get rich, lavishly wealthy. There are so many avenues and opportunities now today all over the place to offer better value and service.

We all were born with an imagination. Look at what you love to do, look at your industry or what you know the best and ask yourself how can I make this better. That’s it! What’s needed here, what problems exist that I can remedy? You may be standing right now in your own acre of diamonds. Great Read

One book, one song, one idea and your set for life!

The First Step

I heard some of you saying you were not creative, that you couldn’t come up with an idea. I heard your paradigms trying to keep you comfortable in your discomfort.

“It is easier to adjust ourselves to the hardship of a poor living that to make a better one” -Earl Nightengale

You better start believing you are as capable of living your dream as anyone else. The first step to manifesting money and the life you want is desire. Just that, desire. Flame and feed your desire. You don’t have to know how you are going to get there to begin. all you need to know is you want it. The rest can be figured out.

I love to work with people who have a burning desire.

“Without desire, nothing arrives.” -Carl Sandburg

I have a 6-month coaching course where I take you by the hand and work with you every week called Thinking Into Results. The course was designed by my coach Bob Proctor. I encourage anyone with a strong desire to get on a complimentary coaching call with me. I will help you for free, no strings attached. If you perceive enough value maybe you’ll become a client, if not it would be my pleasure to help you!

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