Fear Of Success – Self-Image Paradigm

fear of success

Have you ever got the idea that you might be afraid of success? Just when things are going good you seem to come up short or miss the mark. You might have got into the gym and started seeing improvements, or been on a diet and then gradually fall off. Or maybe a thousand different reasons seem to be doing a two-step shuffle, one step forward and then two steps backward.

This failure to succeed or get ahead, seemingly because you are afraid of success is due to your predominate self-image. We store our self-image in our subconscious. Some people would call this a paradigm. What it is called is not important but knowing it is the reason is important if you are going to grow and get ahead.

Our conscious thinking mind is like an ant and our subconscious mind like an elephant. You cant make lasting changes with will power which is a mental faculty of the conscious mind. You need to make the changes to the subconscious mind. Think of the subconscious mind like a programmed thermostat. You know the thing that controls the HVAC system. You set the thermostat for a certain temperature and if the room gets to warm or too cold it makes adjustments to regulate the temperature.

For example, you might go on a diet and you may even be doing well for a time, but the subconscious is paying attention to the programmed self-image (like the set temperature). once you start weighing less than the perceived self-image, start getting more attention than the programmed self-image thinks is appropriate, it kicks in and says you will eat chocolate cake. This happens with income, happiness, weight, relationships, you name it.

You can never outperform your own self-image. You have to create a new one or you will self sabotage yourself over and over again. You know better but do the opposite. This is one of the important aspects I teach in my Thinking Into Results coaching program. When you learn to adjust the thermostat you become a mastermind and can literally achieve anything, do anything, and live the way you want.

You are a creator, a thinking center, and your subconscious is the engine that drives your ideas and solves problems for you. I can teach you how to get in harmony with yourself. I can help you raise your level of awareness, and be an accountability partner for you while you are learning this life-empowering lessons.

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