Create The Life You Want – Understanding Your Subconscious Mind

Meme Crate the life you want

Consciously we can only hold one or two thoughts at a time. And only one idea can really get the most attention. Also, since it is our conscious mind that feeds ideas to our subconscious,  wouldn’t you agree it is important to form or keep the habit of thinking positively.

Most people identify themselves as their conscious mind, this is because the conscious mind has the ability to think and reason, the ability to imagine and create. BUT it is their SUB_CONSCIOUS mind that really runs the whole show.

Beliefs and emotions are stored in the subconscious mind, this is where your self-image is formed and held ready to influence your every decision. Let that soak in for a second… (reread this sentence).

This is why YOU cannot outperform your beliefs. Want to know what you believe? Look at your successes and results, they paint an accurate picture of your beliefs.

I will get into self-image in upcoming blog articles and seminars but for now, let’s keep looking at the subconscious and how we can reprogram or influence it.

We do this with our predominant thoughts. Start now and form the habit of casting out negative thoughts. Catch yourself complaining or chewing on resentment or worrying and doubting and just stop. Don’t beat yourself up about it, Say stop! and have a positive affirmation ready to play in your head.

This is how we reprogram and change our subconscious, through repetition of new ideas and through what I like to call “thinking feelingly”

As you overwrite the old ideas the new ones will transform your life. The better you come to understand this information, just that much faster will you see real results, the results you want.

Practice dieting on positive thoughts, identify negative ones and overwrite them with affirmations of the truth until they seep into your subconscious. Also, if you identify a negative result, write the opposite of that negative in the form of an affirmation and read it every day, say it out loud, say it with faith and conviction. You can record it and listen to it throughout your day. It may seem illogical or silly, but I promise you it works.

Study the subconscious mind for any length of time and you will see why this makes perfect sense. Many of the beliefs you have were formed before you knew better. Reprogram your subconscious and create the life you want.

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