Claim Your Inheritance

Faith Meme

The universe is expanding and you were brought here to this place and time to help nature to fulfill its purpose. Whatever you want to call it; Nature, Primal Substance, The One Substance, Love, Creator, God, The Infinite… is trying to manifest and live through you. The desire you feel to have more, be more, to create, is the same power that causes the trees to grow.

I would argue that depression angst and frustration are normal feelings brought on by NOT developing our desires, talents, and abilities that would enable the creator fuller expression. Of not being on purpose. Thus out of harmony with The Infinite Purpose.

Religions say we were created in Gods image… It doesn’t mean we look like God, have the same skin tone or facial structure. But that we are also creators. Thinking centers capable of manifesting whatever we want. We are / You are Gods highest form of creation.

You have been given something more powerful than an atom bomb, more spectacular than the night sky, more wonderous than the wide expanses of the oceans. We have mind. You can not see it. It is not your brain or physical organs. It is your mind that is the image and likeness of God.

Since we were born with it and not taught much about it, we pretty much take our minds for granted. Thus we do not realize the powerhouse of opportunity we have been given.

Claim your inheritance now! Here is a short 10-minute video by Earl Nightengale who personally mentored my mentor. It is a story of awareness much like this short blog post you just read. It is by increasing our awareness that we can see opportunity. I would like to suggest to you that you find someone who has a higher level of awareness than you, and learn from them as I have and do from my mentor. GET ON PURPOSE… It is a short-cut to success. Now enjoy the video, and if you would like to see more of my posts please like my Facebook Page… Mental Dieter for updates

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