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What most people don’t realize is that we live simultaneously on three levels of understanding; Spiritually, Intellectually, and Physically. Most healing today is manifested through the two weakest parts of us (the intellectual and physical), and when you understand how this works, you’ll learn that most of the actual healing which takes place is almost done by accident. Essentially, there is a healing secret more powerful than what most people are experiencing and it is free and available to you now, click here.

This news probably sounds like your going down a completely religious rabbit hole, but your not. The truth is that science and theology are now almost talking the same language. Science proved a mind-body connection a long time ago. Just look at the stress-response mechanism for an example, stressful thoughts cause damage to our immune system, period. So you probably would believe me when I tell you that when you relax your thinking and end stress, your body naturally recovers, your immune system improves, sleep improves, digestion improves, muscles relax, normal blood pressure resumes, all circulatory systems improve.

There are laws that operate this universe we live in, this “vegetable universe” as Neville Goddard describes it. The Law of Gravity, the Law of Relativity, the Law of Reversibility, the Law of Attraction, to name a few. Now, let me set you at ease by saying that I didn’t write this to show off all I know about universal laws nor do you have to know this stuff to tap into the healing secret, I want to share with you.

Know this though. Fear can and does harm.   Fear and its opposites (plural), can and do heal when you learn how. All you need to know for now is that negative and positive feelings are a force. We already know fear lowers the immune system response, it causes all kinds of maladies and manifests in all kinds of ailments. This is a scientifically proven fact! Negative emotions/feelings do harm! So what is the opposite?

Before we get into the opposite, understand where these negative thoughts are generated and produced, just like a factory. Maybe you have guessed where this factory is located already? Our thinking, specifically our conscious mind.

In my program “Thinking Into Results” I teach you how to use your conscious mind to heal your body, your neighbor’s body, anybody (almost), and also how to use this same power to manifest whatever you want.

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