Paradigm Meaning And Explanation

Understanding the essence and meaning of paradigm is essential to any type of growth and development. This is because 96-98 percent of all behavior is controlled by our paradigms. A paradigm is a habitual way of looking at anything, it is a multitude of ideas that you hold and which form your beliefs. Simply put […]

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Claim Your Inheritance

The universe is expanding and you were brought here to this place and time to help nature to fulfill its purpose. Whatever you want to call it; Nature, Primal Substance, The One Substance, Love, Creator, God, The Infinite… is trying to manifest and live through you. The desire you feel to have more, be more, […]

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Healing Secret – Mind Body Connection

What most people don’t realize is that we live simultaneously on three levels of understanding; Spiritually, Intellectually, and Physically. Most healing today is manifested through the two weakest parts of us (the intellectual and physical), and when you understand how this works, you’ll learn that most of the actual healing which takes place is almost […]

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